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TENAMAQ is a company with modern technology fit for milling. Founded in 1990 to offer a higher standard of productivity, the company supplies the demands of multiple high-demand markets.

Positioned in the ever-changing market with great competence, TENAMAQ offers solutions for the challenges the high-demand market imposes.

The company comprises of various segments of the national industry, such as mining, limestone, ceramics, among others.

Specialized in production of Castings, Mills, Silos, Bucket Elevators, Screens, Vibrating Chutes, and Treated Grids, our company has all the required structures and equipment for your company to obtain a bigger and better line of milling.

TENAMAQ is always creating and innovating new technologies and new processes, prioritizing in the quality and safety of its products and the well-being of its employees and the preservation of the environment.

We have always provided our customers guaranteed satisfaction in our service and products and continue to live in accordance with our reputation.


TENAMAQ - Technology in mining, evolution in milling.


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